We help athletes recover from significant injuries & improve athletic performance so they can return to dominating the sport they love!

"Ray is the best! If you come here you will not be disappointed. Not only is he amazing at what he does, he connects with each and every one of his athletes. He is committed to helping athletes recover from injuries and getting them back into the game. Ray goes above and beyond any expectation that you might have for what he does. He spends countless hours making training sessions for players while also helping athletes recover and reach their full potential and even beyond that. Ray always knows what to do. From a little ankle sprain to an ACL injury, he’ll always be there for you. If I could do 6 stars I would that’s how great he is."


Through our comprehensive treatment plans we move injured athletes from fear of recovery to the restored ability of playing their sport at their highest level . The safe, fun, and informative environment at Agostino Athletics is the premier place to ensure athletes return to their competitive performance level!

"I cannot express the impact that Dr. Agostino has had on my daughter. We were fortunate to find “Dr. Ray” after Meredith had sustained several soccer-related injuries to her ankles and knees. Having not properly treated the injuries prior to connecting with Dr. Ray, she was having recurring issues and was literally weighed down with braces and wraps every time she stepped out on the field. With Dr. Ray’s help and support, she has grown stronger and faster and is in the best shape of her soccer career. His expertise, calm demeanor, and genuine concern for each athlete he works with is shown in every interaction. He follows their careers, he attends their games when he is able, communicates with them regularly outside of his training center, and develops relationships that will no doubt turn into life-long connections. Meredith gets very upset when her schedule doesn’t allow for a weekly session or two with “Dr. Ray”- she leaves his gym feeling strong, powerful, and inspired to do her best. We are so happy to have him on our daughter’s “team” as she continues to pursue her dreams of playing soccer at the highest level possible."

We take out all of the guesswork on the journey to total health and peak performance!


We work with athletes who have suffered an injury and need a comprehensive athlete analysis in order to gain clarity, get out of pain, and safely return to their sport.


We help athletes regain their confidence by systematically rebuilding strength and endurance to avoid injury setbacks and unnecessary missed time.

Starting Lineup

We work with athletes to improve their strength, speed, power, and overall fitness so that they can confidently compete at the highest level possible.

Premier Performer

We help athletes reach their full potential and help them stay there all year long, so that they can perform at their peak, at all the peak moments.

Are you ready to reach your peak?