This is the most complete and comprehensive program for successfully returning to dominating your sport following an ACL injury! This program is designed to help you all the way through the recovery process... from pre surgery, immediately following surgery, all the way to a full return to high level sports, and anywhere in-between. At Agostino Athletics, we believe in treating you like the athlete that you are, so that you can become a stronger, faster, and more resilient athlete, all the way through a complete recovery.


"My daughter, Josie, was faced with what we thought to be a completely torn ACL. Of course at first she was devastated, afraid, and felt like her life was over. Almost everything she did physically came to a stop (soccer, cross fitness, beach volleyball, and reduced horse racing). Thankfully we had Ray in our corner. He went above and beyond to help her physically and mentally to prepare for her surgery and even came to the hospital for pre-op and post-op. Josie was fortunate that she had a partial tear and it was repairable. She started physical therapy with Ray the day after surgery! Ray would let her come in anytime and stay as long as she wanted or needed. She is stronger then ever now and has resumed her active lifestyle. Athletes need a lot of support mentally and physically when they are faced with injuries and I can't say enough good things about Agostino Athletics and how Ray helped her get back to what she loves doing the most."

What is included in the Elite Return to greatness?


Regain strength, mobility & confidence

You get a customized strengthening training program & on field/court training sessions for a full return to recovery!



All of the equipment that

you need will be provided in order to supplement recovery through each phase.



We offer access to a sports counselor so that you can

dominate the mental challenges that are associated with your injury!



You will be provided with

access to a registered dietitian so that you can be at ease with a customized diet and

nutrition plan.

Regain your confidence through a full recovery so you can

continue chasing your dreams!

During an ID camp the summer before her senior year, Maddie tore her ACL. Her lifelong dream of playing soccer in college crashed to a halt in front of college coaches and a long way from home.

Even before we returned home, Maddie called Ray. His words calmed and encouraged her, gave her a focus and hope. As soon as we were home, Ray started her on a program to prepare for surgery in order to set her up for a successful rehab. He had a highly organized process to get her back on the field safely and stronger. Less than 24 hours after her surgery in August, Maddie was back in Ray's office to start the grind of an ACL comeback. Her new focus was to be able to play for her high school soccer team's Senior Night. With focus and constant work, Maddie saw her mobility and strength begin to return. In October, Maddie began to jog. She returned to practice December 7 and stepped back on the field in a game January 4. With Ray's support and rehab plan, Maddie achieved her goal and was able to play high school soccer. She played the last four weeks of her senior high school season, including on her senior night. Maddie also realized her dream and committed to play soccer in college at Grove City College.

All of Maddie's dreams were achieved with Ray's knowledge, skill and commitment to Maddie's successful rehab. He not only built back Maddie’s knee, he built her confidence back up as well. An ACL tear physically, mentally and emotionally knocks an athlete down. The “what ifs” and the loneliness of being an injured athlete are over whelming. Ray never let Maddie’s “what ifs” smother her hope. With every session, he spoke words of encouragement and confidence. Every time she came home from working with Ray, she was more confident in her abilities and her knee. When Maddie stepped back on the field for her first game, she was a more confident, stronger player who never gave her knee a second thought.

An ACL tear doesn’t have to be the end of an athlete’s story. We will never be able to thank Ray enough for his expertise in rehabilitating Maddie’s knee and returning her to the game she loves, or for the encouragement and confidence he gave her.